The Kindergarten Story

A fictional account of our kindergarten experience or a mostly true story about really true feelings!


It was the week before kindergarten and everyone at Kylie’s house was very busy.

On Monday, Mommy took Kylie shopping.  Kylie carefully chose a pink backpack with green and blue flowers and she even found a matching lunch box.  She could just imagine all the wonderful things she would carry in her backpack and oh, what tasty things her Mommy would pack her to eat.  She was thrilled!

 Mommy thought the backpack and lunchbox were beautiful choices, but looking at the pretty lunchbox she began to worry about how Kylie was going to open her juice box and cut her sandwich by herself.  Daddy wondered if Kylie was really old enough to go to school?

 On Tuesday, Kylie laid out her all-important first day of school outfit.  She chose a pink ruffle shirt with a purple skirt.  She couldn’t wait to wear her new clothes.  She and her best friend were going to be twins on the first day!  They had planned it all summer.

 Mommy and Daddy thought Kylie would look like a big schoolgirl in her new outfit, and remembered the pink ruffle dress they first put on Kylie to bring her home from the hospital.  She had been so tiny and sweet that day.  It seemed like just yesterday. Daddy said maybe kindergarten could wait a year.

On Wednesday, the whole family took a tour of the school.  Little sister ran down the hallways and helped Kylie find her classroom.  Kylie was so happy to learn that her best friend was also in her room.  There were blocks and puzzles and lots and lots of books.  She even had her own desk!

 Mommy thought the classroom was beautiful and Daddy noticed the new computers.  But, Mommy was a little sad that Kylie would be playing at school all day instead of in the sunny playroom at home with little sister.  Daddy said he’d ask the principal if kindergarten could wait a year.

On Thursday, Kylie carefully put her name on all of her new notebooks and pencils and then tucked them safely into her new backpack.  She was glad Mommy had bought the sparkly pencils instead of the plain yellow ones.

Mommy helped Kylie with her packing and couldn’t help but smell that new crayon smell and remember packing her own crayons for the first day of school.  Wasn’t that just last year?  Daddy said there were plenty of crayons and pencils at home and maybe kindergarten could wait a year.

 On Friday, Mommy and Kylie spent the day at the park.  They swung on the swings and hung from the monkey bars.  They raced down the slides and tumbled onto the grass.  Kylie said that she couldn’t wait for recess with her best friend.  Mommy said that recess with your best friend is the most fun.  Kylie asked, “Mommy, who’s your best friend?”  And Mommy said, “You of course!”

Soon it was the night before kindergarten.  Kylie was a little quieter than usual.  She had a lot to think about.  Would she know any of the other kids in her class?  How soon would she get to use her sparkly pencils?  Would she have PE or Art on the first day of class and what if her best friend forgot to wear her matching outfit? 

Mommy was a little quieter than usual too.  She had a lot to think about.  Would Kylie remember her teacher’s name?  What if Kylie got lost trying to find her classroom?  Should she cut Kylie’s sandwich or leave it whole like a big girl?  And where in the world had the last five years with her little girl gone?  Daddy said he was certain that kindergarten could wait another year.  Mommy and Daddy and Kylie tossed and turned all night long.

 The next morning, Kylie excitedly put on her pink ruffle shirt and walked out the door carrying her new backpack and lunchbox (with a cut sandwich).  With a huge smile on her face she waved goodbye and when the bus pulled away there were only a few tears . . . but Mommy and Daddy wiped their faces clean and waved till the bus was out of sight!

Kylie standing outside her classroom on the first day of kindergarten.

Thanks to Mendy Smith’s facebook status about crying while watching the bus leave on the first day of school!  Brad and I cried too but we were hurrying down the hall of Sterling Grade School so that Kylie wouldn’t see us!


4 Responses to “The Kindergarten Story”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    So sweet! They grow up way to fast! 🙂

  2. Kimberly Says:

    OOPS! I mean too fast. 🙂

  3. susan lindsey Says:

    How sweet! This made me cry, too!
    P.S. She will be in college before you know it!

  4. Angela Says:

    😦 Not fair that time flies so fast. Not fair that we have these babies that don’t stay babies. Worst of all, we’re getting older too. I really enjoyed the “story,” even if it does hit close to home.

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